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LOUIS NICHOLE .....from The White House to Queen Elizabeth’s House to your Neighbor’s House. The former kindergarten teacher built an international brand and consumer base in only 10 years…without advertising, marketing or public relations. As a songwriter, Nichole is the recipient of Billboard Song Awards,  John Lennon Songwriting Awards  and International ISC songwriting awards. From his  PBS special to his front page life story in the NY Times Lifestyles section, Nichole is a raconteur extraordinaire.....a Roman candle of energy going off in a dozen directions at once. The NY  Times called him  a Pavarotti, but Nichole was driven to sing a different story. He is  bringing his musicality and passion as a songwriter to the music world..... with the same unconventional style and drive that he brought to the  retail  arena. Watch Louie videos: Meet Louie live... see why some of his best friends are “himselves.”


The kindergarten teacher who built a billion dollar  international brand in 10 years without  advertising, public relations, or marketing.


From Pop to Country to Comedy …from Broadway to Children’s music,
Louie was born with more than a song in his heart.

The New York Times called him a Pavarotti

Louie Music

1956 Louie



Lyric sheets to many of Louie’s songs
The storyteller  puts his passions to music

Louie Lyrics

Louie Lyrics



WARNING: Take 1 Valium before watching” Louie Live.”
Music Videos, TV Excerpts from PBS, ABC, CBS,FOX and QVC



“Nicholisms” and Louie's favorite quotes by inspirational mentors.



The Advocate “Louis Nichole, designer, author, master craftsman, singer/songwriter and raconteur extraordinaire is a Roman candle of energy going off in a dozen directions at once.”



The lost son and Dauphin of Marie Antoinette’s and Louis XVI   returns to the 21st century as a music publisher. Off the top of your head, you’ll say that Louie Music definitely has “royalty” in mind



The true story of one large family who grew up in one large neighborhood and ate at Little Louie’s house every Sunday…  and changed the world one meal one Italian song at a time

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